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IQOS 2.4 Plus - Heated Tobacco Kit (3 Packs of Heets FREE)
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Brand: IQOS
IQOS 2.4 PLUSIQOS Heated Tobacco technology was designed by Philip Morris International to offer adult smokers a better alternative to smoking with a satisfying taste experience. The technology in the device heats rather than burns the tobacco stick, releasing nicotine and tobacco flavour ..
IQOS 3 + 3 Packs of HEETS
Brand: IQOS
IQOS 3 The Next generation of heated tobacco technology brings the NEW IQOS 3 !Coming in hot with new colours to suit your style !With an upgraded battery and type C charging port , The IQOS 3 can now go longer and charge quicker The new holder comes in a new style so you can charge it up ..
Brand: IQOS
IQOS HEETS5 different flavours to choose from, each ranging in intensity -Yellow : Made with a smooth and finely blended tobacco-Amber : Made with a rounded and rich tobacco blend-Sienna : Made with an intense and full bodied blend-Turquoise : A smooth menthol flavour , Giving a refreshing , co..
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