Twelve Monkeys

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Twelve Monkeys - O-Rangz - 30ml

Tired of foraging for food during the drowsy morning dew, Twelve Monkeys developed the perfect break..


Twelve Monkeys - Tropika - 30ml

Inspired by their primal cousins to the south, Twelve Monkeys has crafted a perfect balance of exoti..


Twelve Monkeys - Kanzi - 30ml

A Primate with a sweet tooth; Kanzi has a taste for only the best candy flavours. This fusion of str..


Twelve Monkeys - Congo Custard - 30ml

Deep within the luscious forests of the Congo evolved our take on the popular Strawberry Custard. By..


Twelve Monkeys - Mangabeys - 30ml

Tropika's Caribbean cousin has arrived! Mangabeys is related in concept yet distinctive in flavour. ..