Buckshot Vapors

After seeing the positive results of e-cigs replacing smoking, Co-Founders Greg and Alena decided to make their own e-juice. They wanted a superior e-juice that could be vaped all day. This is how Buckshot Vapors came to fruition. Greg and Alena enjoyed making the tasty e-juice.
Buckshot Vapors was so well received in the industry that they decided to create another line of e-juice. They wanted something that would be a new breed of e-juice; this is when Time Bomb Vapors was released. Time Bomb Vapors has received the same positive reception as Buckshot Vapors and both lines are thriving.

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Buckshot Vapors - .357

Buckshot Vapors - .357 e-liquid provides an authentic watermelon taste with a cool menthol hint runn..


Buckshot - Hard Candy

Buckshot Vapors - Hard Candy. Tastes just like sweet tarts candy.Includes1 x 10ml Bottle..


Buckshot - Double Tap

UKECIGZ presents Buckshot Vapors - Double Tap. A delicious blend of strawberry and dragon fruit...


Buckshot - Cherry Bomb

Buckshot Vapors - Cherry Bomb. A delicious Cherry FlavourIncludes1 x 10ml BottleInfo..


Buckshot - M80

Buckshot Vapors - M80. A tasty mix of watermelon and dragon fruit.Includes1 x 10ml Bottle ..


Buckshot - M2

UKECIGZ presents Buckshot Vapors - M2. Reminiscent of the Shirley Temple drink flavor.Includes ..


Buckshot - xxx

Buckshot Vapors - XXX. A perfect blend of kiwi, mango and pineappleIncludes1 x 10ml Bottle ..


Buckshot - C4

Buckshot Vapors - C4. A delicious Creamy Blueberry ShortcakeIncludes1 x 10ml BottleInfo ..