Buy CBD Oil now! CBD eliquid is vaped the same way regular eliquid is vaped, however it does not contain nicotine. CBD eliquid is derived from the hemp/marijuana plant and has all the psychoactive ingredients removed. CBD oil is used as a replacment for nicotine in an aid to stop smoking. It also has other claimed health benefits. Order online today with free UK shipping!

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Harmony CBD - Super Lemon Haze 10ml

This multiple award-winning cannabis strain has its origins in Amsterdam and is practically strain r..


Harmony CBD - OG Kush 10ml

The OG Kush CBD E Liquid  is crafted with vapers in mind and hemp at heart. Its aroma comes fro..


Harmony CBD - Strawberry Wild 10ml

Rediscover the delicious, sweet flavors and smells of strawberries in our CBD E Juice. This juicy ex..


Harmony CBD - Moroccan Mint 10ml

The flavor as old as time. For a cool and refreshing experience, like biting a fresh sprig of mint, ..