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Awesome Sauce White Range 60ml Short-fill

Awesome Sauce White Range 60ml Short-fill
Awesome Sauce White Range 60ml Short-fill
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White 60ml Short-fill Range By Awesome Sauce

With these 14 new flavours from Awesome Sauce, there is something for everyone from fruity to sweets all while leaving you wanting more.


Blackjack: The original classic British sweet leaving you with the strong and sweet liquorice flavour even after the exhale.

Circus Apple: Sweet crips red apple combined with fresh Dragon fruit with an added sweet treat from the circus.

Forest Yog: Creamy rich yoghurt with a layer of Forrest fruits compote just like a corner and with a flavour that lasts.

Grape Fizz: Bubbly champagne with an added twist of grape to give an added sweet hit and a refreshing taste.

Orange Tang: Ripe sweet orange with added Guava and citrus to give you a truly sweet and great all day vape.

Pear Guava: Keeping it simple just pear and just Guave for a sweet creamy taste.

Pina Colada: Just like those party days for you ladies refreshing coconut rum with a wedge of pineapple on the side.

Pornstar Martini: Deffently one you can knock back and not have to worry, this flavour is a fine balance of passion fruit, sweet orange and a hint of cream.

Raspberry Yog: Sweet fresh raspberries combined with rich creamy yoghurt with an added layer of raspberries.

Snapple: Crisp ripe apples added with juicy mouth-watering strawberries.

Sour Melon: A delicious blend of Melon energy drink and a hint of sour a must for melon lovers

StrawBurst: Juicy oranges, fresh strawberries balanced with a fresh apple or two.

Strawberry Lemonade: Freshly made lemonade with an added twist a generous helping of strawberries.

Twizzel: An American Candy inspiration, sweet strawberries combined with liquorice but no aniseed much like strawberry laces but with a twist.

70/30 VG/PG, (0.0 % Nic) 0MG.

60ml Short-fill

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