Wires & Cottons

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Coil Master Coil Kit V4

We’ve listened to our fans and just released the latest edition—Coiling Jig V4! Like befo..


Fiber Freaks - Cotton Blend 2.0

The material is dense. It is cut with scissors in the direction of the fibre (shown on th..


Rebel Vape - Ultra Cotton

Ultra Soft Premium Japanese Cotton - Perfect rebuildable atomizers. Wcks ultra fast well and vapes c..


Anarchist Japanese Cotton

Premium Organic Cotton for use in rebuildable atomizers. Wicks easily and gives a greater flavour! ..


Clapton Wire 5 metre spool - Single A1 Kanthal

Premium Kanthal A1 Type Wire - Clapton Coil - Single Wrap 24 or 26 AWG Double Wrap Wire & 32 A..


Twisted Kanthal Wire (2 Wrap)

A spool of 10m Twisted wire. This Twisted wire is great for sub-ohm builds but should only be used b..


Ceramic Tweezers - Youde

1600℃ Heat Resistant Ceramic Stainless Steel Tweezers Anti-static Ceramic TweezersGreat for rebu..


Coil Master Kit

Introducing the Coil Master DIY Kit. Everything you need for all your rebuilding needs in one kit. ..


Wire & Coil Cutter - 5" 127mm

A small and strong coil and wire cutter by Rolson. 5" 127mm Wire cutter for coil and wire cutting, u..


Vapers Choice Cotton

Vapers Choice Cotton“Will Revolutionize The Vaping Industry”A Difference You Can Taste…F..


Cotton Bacon - Wick 'n' Vape V2

Cotton Bacon V2 has undergone an extra process to eliminate all the natural cotton oils. So it has n..


Universal Coil Master tool - RDA/RBA Coil Builder

Features: Light weight and portable, perfect for travel. Makes 2 mm coils, 2.5mm co..


Kanthal A1 Wire 10 metre spool

Premium Kanthal wire. Perfect for you coil builders out there. Available in a variety of thicknesses..


Ni200 Nickel Wire

A spool of 10m Nickel wire. This Ni200 wire is great for sub-ohm builds but should only be used by t..